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The project management training that PharmInspiros developed for us was pitched at exactly the right level for the type of project management needed to coordinate the commercialisation of a medicine.  I feel I have all of the essential stages of a project covered and it’s increased my confidence to manage other projects in the future

Launch Excellence Project Manager – Large Global Pharmaceutical Organisation

Jane supported me when I started in post as GM for Canada, she ran a strategic planning workshop and then a tactical planning session to help us map out all of the priority activities needed to establish an office and footprint in the Canadian market for the first time (whilst simultaneously planning for a significant launch the following year).  Jane was great at providing guidance and building relationships between the team to make sure we all pulled in the same direction towards our common goals

GM Canada- Medium Global Biotech

Jane and team supported us to ensure we had all of the boxes ticked for the launch of a new medicine.  I felt that the experience PharmInspiros brought, having worked on so many launches in the past meant that they were another trusted pair of eyes and ears for me as the Global Medicines Lead.  They provided structure yet didn’t over-burden us with rigid process

Global Medicines Lead – Large Global Pharmaceutical Organisation

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