Maximising launch and team performance through project and people solutions

Helping our clients facilitate optimum access to medicines for patients.

At PharmInspiros we are experts in turning your Launch, Brand or Organisational strategy into action through project solutions. We bring clarity, a streamlined process, and years of client-based and consulting experience in Pharma, Biotech and Biopharma to your project. 

We will work collaboratively with you to implement programs that provide consistency and quality to the way you work without over-engineered processes. Think of us as an extended team member with oodles of experience gained doing your job ourselves, and helping clients with similar projects across the industry.

It’s essential project management suitable for non-project managers, coupled with people solutions that improve your team dynamics. Our programs will help build a culture of sustained continuous improvement within your Organisation.

At PharmInspiros we are experts at improving launch and team performance through project and people solutions. Everything that we do is geared around two vital components for improving performance. The Project Lifecycle and Continuous Improvement (Kaizen). 

Pharminspiros our approach
” A project is a temporary endeavour, undertaken to create a unique service, product or result.  A project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources”

Project Management Institute


Whether you are a Global Launch Excellence support function looking to provide your teams with a consistent blueprint for launch success, an individual Country launch lead or a Biotech about to embark on your first launch –  we can support you at Local, Regional or Global level to give you a head start in executing your launch successfully.

We will listen to understand where you are now, and design a blended program of solutions for the total cross-functional team to improve the way you work together and set you on track for a successful launch.


It’s not just launch strategy that we support you to execute. Operationalising your Brand plans, or setting out your  tactical plan to execute your Organisation or Department’s strategy are just as important. We are experts at designing fun interactive sessions to get the total team’s thoughts and plans for the year ahead documented.

Once you have agreed upon your plan, we can stick with you to make sure you have the very best chance of tracking your progress as a team and have appropriate metrics in place to know whether you are on track to achieve your goals.    


 We can support you with  flexible or retained project management support from project managers who all have first-hand extensive experience of Pharma and Biotech. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out on your project or are 75% of the way through and need that last push to hit your delivery or launch date.  

If you are an Organisation with multiple projects to manage we can also support with tools, processes and people to manage your projects to PharmInspiros standards. Training courses to up-skill your teams in project management essentials are also right up our street! 

Head of Omnichannel Capabilities and Commercial Excellence UK/IE


‘Just wanted to follow up with a massive thank you for your leadership and facilitation today. The team were engaged, energised and committed to the cause and this is due to the great design, relevant content and awesome delivery of your workshop. THANK YOU. You clearly understand CommEx and it is great that we can benefit from your vast experience.

Looking forward to the outputs and making it all come alive.’

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